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Mesa Ceiling Fans

 Ceiling Fan Installation, Phoenix ElectricianCeiling fans are an excellent way to beautify your home as well as save on energy costs! Amadeus Electric specializes in the sale, installation, repair, and maintenance of ceiling fans.

For cooling your Mesa home, have you ever thought about installing a ceiling fan? A properly sized and installed ceiling fan can create a cooling effect. Did you know that a ceiling fan could create a temperature that feels 3 to 10 degrees cooler in your home or business? When installing a ceiling fan, you could realize up to 33% in your air conditioning costs! With the cost of a ceiling fan to installation being relatively low and cost of operation being much less then an air conditioner, it would be a very wise investment to make. Just remember, running the air conditioner costs about 70 times as much as a ceiling fan!

Special care in the installation of ceiling fans is required to get the best results. Many homeowners simply do not understand how to optimize the use of ceiling fans in their homes. Great care is necessary to place the ceiling fan in the most advantageous location providing the best circulation in the room. Often homeowners will select a fan that is not the correct size. This leads to an ineffective use of a ceiling fan.

Mesa Ceiling Fan Services Provided by Amadeus Electric

  • Whole House Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Ceiling Fan Pre-wiring
  • Ceiling Fan Switch Installation
  • Installation of Gazebo Fans
  • Patio Fan Installation
  • Ramada Fan and Lighting Installation
  • Ceiling Fan and Light Remote Control Installation
At Amadeus Electric, we work with all manufacturers of ceiling fans. We will carefully analysis the application that you need with a ceiling fan and make knowledgeable recommendations. If you have already purchased a ceiling fan, we will be more then glad to professionally install it for you for maximum benefit.

Great care is given by our ceiling fan experts at Amadeus Electric to make sure that the correct electrical service is provided to the ceiling fan, as well as make sure that it is properly installed and balanced. Improper care to these factors will give you a ceiling fan that could “wobble” and end up wasting electricity. We only mount ceiling fans to roof joists to provide the ceiling fan with a stable base to operate from. Don’t forget, ceiling fans can weigh up to 50 pounds, so they require expert installation.

If an emergency ceiling fan problem happens in your home or business, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency service at 602-769-9247!

Amadeus Electric can be reached at 602-769-9247 for ceiling fan installation service in your home or business. We can also be reached through our Contact Us form with any questions you may have about ceiling fan installation. Amadeus Electric is also bilingual serving the Spanish community in Mesa and throughout the Valley

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