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Mesa Light Switch and Electrical Outlet Upgrades

Light Swith Installation, Outlet Installation, Phoenix ElectricianLight switches and electrical outlets are the way that electrical service is distributed throughout your Mesa home or business. A redesign of your light switches and outlets is an excellent way to help get more power to the electrical components that you have.

Amadeus Electric has been working with light switches and electrical outlets for many years and can professionally upgrade or replace any switches or outlets that are in need of replacing.

The most common light switch is the single-pole switch. It functions to control a lighting fixture from one location. A three-way switch is perfect for controlling lighting from two different locations. A great example of a three-way switch setup is the lighting in a hallway that can be turned on from either end. There are even light switches that have outlets in them to provide more functionality. Outdoor applications require special boxes to be mounted into to provide safety and protection to the switch. Dimmers are also incorporated into switches to control the brightness of a room. All of these light switches are options that you can incorporate into your home or business.

Electrical outlets, often called receptacles, are where you plug your electrical appliances into. Most outlets are equipped with two outlets, but there are many different options that are available to you. In older homes and businesses, electrical outlets were often not set up with grounded outlets. Replacing these older outlets is an excellent way to upgrade your home or business and increase the safety of your electrical system’s safety grounding.

The experience and professionalism that Amadeus Electric brings to every job will ensure that you get a light switch or electrical outlet that will meet all of you electrical service needs. We take the time to make sure that safe and reliable power is delivered inside your home or business.

Mesa Light Switch And Electrical Outlet Upgrade Services Provided by Amadeus Electric

  • Device Change Out Upgrades
  • Switch and Outlet Replacement
  • Color Change Upgrades
  • Decor Switch Upgrade
  • Add Outlets and Switches
  • Light Switch and Electrical Outlet Replacement
  • Dimmer Switches
If an emergency light switch or electrical outlet problem happens in your home or business, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency service by calling 602-769-9247!

Amadeus Electric can be reached at 602-769-9247 for light switch and electrical outlet service in your Mesa home or business. We can also be reached through our Contact Us form with any questions you may have about light switch and electrical outlet service. Amadeus Electric is also bilingual serving the Spanish community in Mesa and throughout the Valley

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