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Mesa Outdoor and Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Lighting, Security Lighting, Phoenix ElectricianOutdoor and landscape lighting is an excellent way to beautify your home or business as well as provide security! Amadeus Electric has many years of experience with the design and installation of outdoor and landscape lighting and we can give your home or business an appealing nighttime look!

Our outdoor and landscaping lighting experts at Amadeus Electric can help design a lighting scheme that can accent the architecture of your Mesa home or business. By installing low voltage lighting, you are able to cost effectively illuminate your home or business and be environmentally friendly. Many of these types of lighting systems can be set on timers or photovoltaic cells to turn the lights on when the sun goes down and turn them off when the sun comes up.

One of the benefits of outdoor and landscape lighting is that it can act as security lighting! Our outdoor and landscape lighting experts can help make your lights multifunctional as decorative and security. There are many different security lighting applications that can be used. Our electricians will discuss with you the benefits of each of these applications to suit your needs.

Mesa Security Lighting Systems Installed by Amadeus Electric

Dusk to Dawn Lighting – Photocells are what is used to turn this type of security lighting on and off. The photocells detect when it gets dark and will immediately turn the lights on. Then when the sun comes up in the morning, they automatically turn off.

Motion Activated Lighting – The sensors immediately turn the lights on when they detect simple motion from a person or an animal. This type of security lighting is an excellent crime deterrent as it shines bright lights directly at the intruder. Some systems may include sound as an additional crime deterrent.

Hi/Lo Motion Activated Lighting – This is the best of both worlds. When no one is around this type of security lighting acts as outdoor and landscape lighting. When an intruder approaches, the lights get very bright illuminating the entire area.

Mesa Outdoor and Landscape Lighting Services Provided by Amadeus Electric

  • Bar-B-Que Grill Outlets
  • Outdoor and Landscape Lighting Repairs and Service
  • Light Timers and Photo Cell Installations
  • Motion Sensors
  • Parking Lot Security Lighting
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Outdoor and Landscape Lighting Installation and Maintenance
  • Gazebo and Ramada Lighting
  • Outdoor and Landscape Lighting Trouble Shooting
  • Jacuzzi and Spa Electrical Hookups
  • Low Voltage Malibu Lighting
  • Low Voltage Transformer Replacement
  • Outdoor and Landscape Lighting Design
  • Outdoor Kitchens and Bars
  • GFCI outlets
  • Dedicated 220-Volt Lines
  • Rodeo Lighting Design and Installation
  • Horse Arena Lighting
  • Barn Lighting
If an outdoor and landscape lighting emergency electrical problem happens in your Mesa home or business, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency service at 602-769-9247!

Amadeus Electric can be reached at 602-769-9247 for outdoor and landscape lighting service in your Mesa home or business. We can also be reached through our Contact Us form with any questions you may have about outdoor and landscape lighting. Amadeus Electric is also bilingual serving the Spanish community in Mesa and throughout the Valley

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