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Mesa TV and Telephone Wiring

TV Wiring, Telephone Wiring, TV CablingWith modern home and business TV and telephone systems demanding more and more integration, it is critical that you get expert advice on the correct way to set these components up and have them professionally installed. Amadeus Electric has the experience installing TV and telephone wiring in the Mesa area for many years.

New telephone systems require a lot of technical expertise in the setup in order for them to work correctly. With all of the features that are now available, it is very important that good planning and product knowledge be given to each installation. At Amadeus Electric, our TV and telephone-wiring experts understand the complexities of new telephone systems and will guide you through designing the system for optimal use in your home or business. We take the time to fully understand exactly what you are trying to get accomplished with your system and have you think about future needs. Once we get a well thought out design put together, we will professionally install all wiring, including jacks for phones, fax machines, computers, and TVs.

TV wiring, or cabling, has really become a specialized business. With cabling needed to accommodate the use of computers and high-end television systems, it is very wise to have a well laid out plan on how all of the components are going to work together. This is especially true with the installation of a home automation system. Amadeus Electric has the experience and product knowledge to help you with any TV wiring that you need for your home or office. We start with a complete consultation to ensure that all components are accounted for and what future needs you may have. Next we professionally install all wire and cable to the locations of the components with wall jacks. The components are then put into place and the system is fully checked to ensure that everything is working to the highest standards possible. To provide you with the best connectivity possible, we use Cat-5, Cat-6, and Cat-10 cable.

It is ideal to do TV and telephone wiring in a new construction situation, but if that is not the case, our experts at Amadeus Electric can install new cable and wiring with minimal disruption to the existing structure.

Mesa Cable TV and Telephone Wiring Services Provided by Amadeus Electric

  • Voice and Data Jack Installation
  • Phone and Computer Cabling
  • Security Camera Wiring
  • Indoor and Outdoor Speakers Installation
  • Speaker Prewires and Installation
  • Volume Controls
  • New Construction Mounting Frames (Rough-Ins)
  • Telephone Wall Jacks
  • Cable and Structured Wiring
  • Use of Cat-5, Cat-6, and Cat-10 cable
Amadeus Electric can be reached at 602-769-9247 for TV and telephone wiring in your Mesa home or business. We can also be reached through our Contact Us form with any questions you may have about TV and telephone wiring installation. Amadeus Electric is also bilingual serving the Spanish community in Mesa and throughout the Valley

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